How to play: Use the mouse and key W to thrust your moon.

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About is a fun Multiplayer Asteroids game that lets you play as the moon trying to absorb a lot of stars around the galaxy. The most interesting point of the game must be the controlling. When you move your moon toward the direction that your cursor is pointing, it will thrust you in the opposing direction. Like, if you boost downwards, you will have to shoot upwards. Although this kind of control gets some players confused, it’s still amazing. You should try to absorb all food orbs spreading around the map to develop your size. Stay away from bigger moons controlled by players, and avoid crashing into the black holes, or else you will die instantly, and have to respawn later. Try your hardest to survive longer then you can climb the leaderboard. Don’t screw up anything, just mind the gameplay and the rules of control. Enjoy the game now and see how long you can last!

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