How to play: Use the Right mouse button to navigate, AZERT or QWERTY to test an item, Arrow keys to move the camera, C to lock that tool, Space bar to focus it

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Connect to the new match in the exciting Adversator unblocked game and prepare for finding out the most appropriate strategy to conquer the top spot! It will be a classic RPG in which it is highly recommended to play with a team. It is possible to bring a few friends during your adventure! Before you embark on the real journey, you do not skip checking out the ability of classes. They are three heroes who own different characteristics. They are available. So, you can choose from the Strength, Agility, or Intelligence. Aside from weaknesses, they can offer fantastic possibilities. Next, press the button and you can involve in Adversator online without effort. Especially, you must determine which your goal is. You will be required to destroy the enemy’s main building in the shortest time. To save your progression and dominate the highest rank, you’d better register instead of beginning as a guest. Hop into the arena and prove your power now! Good luck!

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