How to play: Direct your cell by using the mouse, tap spacebar to divide, and use key W to throw out some mass.

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About is a super fantastic and addictive iO game online that has been played by millions of players from around the world. Take this chance to jump in the game and begin your challenges now! You take on a role of a tiny cell after spawning, then move it around the map trying to eat up as many generated food cells as possible. This is a basic way that helps you increase your size. As you hunt for your foods, make sure you stay away from the bigger cells directed by real players. If you’re in their sight, they will run toward you and eat you up without mercy, causing your game to be over. Once you get larger, you can chase them back or go eat the smaller cells to develop your mass faster. The game also allows you to divide your big blob into many smaller parts, or throw out some mass. Let’s kick it off now and if you can climb the leaderboard or not!

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