How to play: Use WASD keys to walk around and hit, C to command, B to buy, Y to destroy buildings, O to open gates, R to control unit production

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About allyourbasearebelongtous


allyourbasearebelongtous is a fun-addicting strategy .iO game based on the Age of Empires series. It is available to work for the red or blue team. You can find teammates and stay alongside these friends to win faster. There are some ways to conquer the top spot in allyourbasearebelongtous unblocked. First, the group with the players will auto dominate like a TKO in case there is nobody on the other side and at least 2 people on the winning faction. Second, there will be a victory countdown which begins when a character achieves a certain amount of points. If that item is at zero, those who gain the highest result will be the winner.

Play allyourbasearebelongtous free online you can embark on placing barracks. Choose the appropriate position to set so the foes cannot approach easily. They will be the main building. You will be removed if they are devastated. Next, the base will be occupied. Besides, you can construct a farm to earn money with upgrades or expand your land and create a strong army. Good luck!

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