How to play: Use the mouse to aim, WASD or Arrow keys to move the tank, Left mouse or Space to attack

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About is a cool 2D classic shooter .iO game that you can play online against other enemies throughout the real world on the same battlefield without paying a penny. It is an enormous map full of rivals and unowned colored pellets. Aside from your foes, they are regarded as another valuable resource to increase your swarm size. Actually, adding units to your team will be the job that you are required to accomplish when you take part in the match. And, the goal is to own the biggest troop ever.

Start off unblocked with a basic tank and move to wherever you want easily. Firstly, you can choose farming available dots scattered across the playground. Evade battles and focus on these free items to collect more soldiers to rank up and improve your survival ability. You are able to survive longer if you dodge projectiles fired by some characters nearby. Try to combine defending and attacking skillfully to achieve the target faster! Although it sounds easy, remember that it may be an endless adventure. So, you are forced to fight constantly. Good luck!

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