Angry Worms

How to play: Use the mouse for controlling the worm. Click left/right mouse buttons to speed up.

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About Angry Worms

Angry Worms

Angry Worms is much inspired by other Snake games, especially! You direct a worm with an angry face around the map to consume as many glowing objects dispersed on the floor as possible to grow your size. As you progress and eat the dots, you will become much bigger and stronger, which means that you will be able to destroy other enemy worms by blocking their head with your body, making them crash into you, and bypassing them by speeding up your worm. Once they die, you must quickly collect their dead remains to increase your size much faster. Just ensure that you won’t let those enemy worms trap you! They will try to make you run into their body, killing you instantly. You should defend yourself all the time, play with good tactics, stay alive and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the ultimate winner of the game.

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