How to play: Use the mouse or keys WASD or arrow keys to control your archer around. Click left mouse button to shoot arrows.

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Take a chance to prove your archery abilities in game now! In this 2D Shooter game, you will become an archer equipped with a bow and numerous arrows and your main task is to shoot down all opponent archers directed by real players. Try to move around the arena carefully, quickly take out your rivals, or else you will become their victim. Not only enemies, you must also kill the big brown bears that are wandering around. The more you get rid of, the faster you can level up. When you are unable to shoot the enemies back, just quickly find a bush to cover yourself. This will help you dodge the arrows of enemies, and you can survive longer. Don’t forget to pick up colored gems indicating power-ups, including poison, lightning, and ice. You may need them in killing the foes more efficiently. The game goal is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard! Good luck!

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