How to play: Arrow keys or WASD are all used to direct your archer around the map. Shoot normal arrows with the left mouse, and shoot special arrows with the right mouse.

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Jump into the arena of to battle against lots of archers from around the world. In this amazing 2D Shooter and Strategy game, you need to prepare your shooting abilities then start your adventure. Move around the map with your bow, click to shoot out arrows to kill your rivals and make sure you defend yourself from their shots. Don’t just always focus on the enemies, you have to stay watchful for the monsters too. Try to shoot them down when they are close to you, but make sure that they won’t hit you, or else your health will be reduced. The more enemies you destroy, the more XP and points you will gain. Also, you have to improve the stats of your archer through over time so you can defeat tougher enemies more easily. The main objective of the game is that you have to reach the top ranking on the leaderboard. Good luck!

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