How to play: Use the right mouse or key W to speed up the ship, while clicking the left mouse or using spacebar to fire. Tap key E to fire Missiles and use key Q for boosting.

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About opens a space combat for you to join! Play this interesting IO game now to show off your abilities. You will have to move around the galaxy with your spacecraft, and attempt to pick up as much plasma as possible in order to increase the size of the ship. Also, collecting much plasma can get you stronger than ever, giving you a higher chance to take out the opponents. You can only chase down the weaker ships while attempting to keep your spacecraft away from the larger ones. There are also a lot of asteroids floating over the map. Be sure to shoot them to obtain more items. You can utilize invisibility or death ray to get an edge over the enemies. Also, don’t forget to shoot your missiles! This can be the fastest way to take out the foes from afar. The game objective is to reach the leaderboard with the highest score!

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