How to play: Use the mouse to control your basher, and click LMB to swing the hammer.

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About must be a good iO game for those who want to release their rage or stress. Play it now to experience cool challenges and meet new players. You will be taken to an arena where the players kill each other by using their hammer. Before spawning into the game, you can choose your favorite famous character and attempt to control him/her around the map with your hammer. Make a good use of it to kill the foes, collect their dropped coins to increase the size of the hammer. The bigger your hammer is, the stronger you are. However, you should keep an eye on the surroundings while roaming around. The enemies will try to swing their hammer to kill you, and if you get hit, you will end your life immediately. That’s why you are supposed to have your strategies ready as well as a tactical play. Defend your character all the time, survive longer and take the lead.

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