How to play: Take control of your battleboat with keys WASD. Tap spacebar or click the button displayed in the bottom right corner in order to utilize special weapon.

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If you are an aggressive and adventurous player that likes to join fierce online combat ship games, then quickly play to experience a lot of challenges now. This is a great Multiplayer 2D Shooter game featuring two modes for you to choose, including HQ Destruction and Team Deathmatch. There will be two teams in the arena as well, the red one and the blue one. You will become a member of one of them then try to fight for your team. If you play HQ Destruction, you need to go get rid of every single enemy HQ by getting the own big sea mine towards the rival base. Utilize your cannons or torpedoes to kill your enemies and don’t forget to gather lots of chests. But if you join team deathmatch, just stick with your teammates to remove all rival ships in the limited period of time. Try your hardest to dodge the bullets, and turrets that are aiming at you. Survive as long as possible to lead your team to the final victory.

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