How to play: Use WASD for the movement. Press spacebar to jump, aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse, use key Q to choose weapons.

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Battle Cube is yet another 2D Shooter IO game giving you a great chance to present your shooting abilities. In the game, you will step into a room, choose a map and a specific duration for one round then jump into an intense battle where you must finish off all the enemies. You should make your way through the map, use the terrain and some objects, such as trees, stones, and architecture on the map for a better shooting position. Don’t worry about the amount of ammo as you are armed with infinite ammunition. So, feel free to shoot down everything in sight and don’t forget to protect yourself from the enemy attacks. You’d better watch out for surroundings as you roam the map! The enemies won’t skip any chances to ambush you, causing you to end up dying easily. The main objective of this IO game is to become the ultimate winner!

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