How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to fire, hold to charge. Use Capslock for toggle HUD.

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Are you ready for an epic beach combat brought to you by In the game, you will fight against many opponents and defeating them all is your main objective. Being armed with a dangerous beach ball, you have to aim then launch the balls at your enemies. Bump everything in your way while protecting yourself from the rival attacks. You should hold the shoot button for longer a bit, your ball will become larger if you do so. Aside from focusing on killing the enemies, you need to watch out for dangerous sharks roaming the beach, or else you will get attacked and end up dying, causing you to restart the game from scratch. Don’t forget to prepare strategies in advance then use them to beat the rivals more easily. You must fight for a chance of becoming the best player in this beach fight. Are you ready? Give it a shot now!

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