Begods Online

How to play: Click left mouse button to control and move your spaceship around the space in the game.

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About Begods Online

Begods Online

You will have an interesting experience when playing as an alien trying to fly around space in which is an IO style 2D Shooter game! Take control of your spaceship carefully, move around the galaxy to gather plenty of precious ores as well as valuable minerals so that you can earn a lot of points and experiences. Stay focused on accumulating these things, especially gradually make your points increase so that you can purchase numerous upgrades for your spaceship. Also, with the most points collected, you will be able to level up your alien faster. There will be lots of confrontations between you and other aliens. Just make sure you have your skills and strategies ready to take them out while trying to keep your spaceship alive. Those enemies are just doing the same mission, and they are also fighting for the top rank on the leaderboard. Do whatever you can to disturb them, get an edge over them and work your way up to the highest spot to gain the dominance.

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