How to play:  Control your blob by using your mouse. Move the camera with keys WASD, and split the blob by pressing space bar.

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About Biome3D


Biome 3D game promises to become an amazing game online that keeps you hooked for hours. If you are kind of interested into these kinds of Multiplayer games, then be sure to check it out. The game lets you control a small cell trying to consume as many food orbs as possible that are dispersing around the map. Just like game, this iO-styled game goal is to increase your mass to become the best cell of all in the entire arena. So you must never stop eating those blobs for the size buff. However, you have to stay away from the bigger blobs and try to stop them from eating you up. Once getting larger, you will be able to divide your blob in half or eject some mass to move faster when you need to chase your targets or run away. Try to climb the leaderboard and win the round! Good luck!

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