How to play: Control your character around the arena by using keys WASD or arrow keys. Tap spacebar to release a bomb.

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Jump into a fun-addicting IO game called as a cunning blocky character that is trying to blow up everything standing in his way, particularly the wicked opponent bombers. You have to start destroying the terrain first so that you can enlarge your pathway and pick up a bunch of power-ups, like additional bombs, faster movement speed, bomb range. Using them will give you more advantage so you can deal with your rivals more easily. If you want to get rid of your enemies, you must prepare some strategies then use them when you’re close to the opponents. Try to take chances to trap them with your bombs, block their way and make sure that they are unable to escape. This is the best way that helps you slay all bombers. Keep an eye on the bomb explosions and elude standing in the fire, or else your game will come to an end. Good luck!

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