Blocker Game

How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to control your character. Click LMB or press spacebar to assault your enemies.

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About Blocker Game

Blocker Game

Blocker Game is a fun-addicting IO-styled RPG game that you can play with your team to defeat all other opponent teams. Just select your favorite class and a team color before jumping into the game arena. Just to let you know, every single class has its own unique ability and a weapon. You need to use that to your advantage when fighting against your enemies. As the game begins, you will make your way through the vast arena, pick up more coins on your way, perform your abilities to kill the enemies when you run into them. You need to be aware of several bosses that wander around too. You can pinpoint them very easily as they have different look. If think you can’t deal with them, just quickly run away because doing so will protect yourself. Don’t forget to work with your teammates to kill the stronger opponents. Attempt to take over the little castles and survive as long as possible!

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