Bomber Arena

How to play: Control your character around the map by using keys WASD. Release your bombs to blow up all enemies by pressing space bar.

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About Bomber Arena

Bomber Arena

An addictive io-styled Multiplayer free for all game is right here awaiting you! Check out Bomber Arena game right now and try to become the best bomberman of all. Similar to other classic Bomberman games, this one also brings you more challenges in a fierce battle against other Bombermen. You will try to break the disturbing walls using your bombs then quickly collect lots of power-ups to boost your strength. When your pathway is larger a bit, you can freely get closer to other enemies that are doing the same mission. If you are a smart player that has a tactical play, you should try to find a possible way to get an enemy stuck with your bombs. He will get blown up for sure, giving you a higher chance to become the last man standing. Try to stay away from other bombs dropped by your enemies, use the power-ups carefully, avoid all obstacles or other deadly traps on your way. Good luck!

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