How to play: Use WASD or Arrows to move around the maze, Right mouse or Space to drop bombs

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About is an interesting and selective classic unblocked Io games. Become a Bomberman in the new adventure and play against multiple enemies from around the world in the same small maze together. Bombs will be the main weapon that you use to destroy those guys. However, you are also allowed to choose another safer path to reach the top spot. Obviously, it is really difficult for you to accomplish because you can see a lot of rivals roaming throughout the arena after you connect to the server. Or, you are able to chase and hunt down everybody nearby.

More importantly, you must be the last standing man in free online if you expect to rule the ranking! Remember to defend your body from explosions and evade aggressive opponents! Besides, you can collect plenty of exciting power-ups. They bring back several cool effects and they pop up after obstacles are destroyed. Join and earn convert to Gold to unlock skins now!

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