How to play: Move your bot around the arena with arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar, the left mouse or the right mouse to attack enemies.

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Practice your skills with another robot game called, which is free to play in a browser! You step into this arena trying to battle against lots of enemies from across the world. Being a single bot, you must make the most out of your chosen abilities in order to deal damage to your opponents. These abilities can be combined together to create powerful attacking combos, making yourself the most outstanding one in the arena. However, you still have to protect your bot from tougher enemies as they can wipe you out when they catch you off guard. Your goal in is to dominate the whole arena! The game promises to keep you glued for hours not only because of its addictive gameplay but also its unique graphics with amazing features. You should be ready for the battle now and try your hardest to conquer it. Good luck to you!

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