How to play: Use the arrow keys or WASD for moving your tank. Click the left mouse to assault the enemies and use key F to repair.

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In game, you will construct a tank following your own way then jump into the action! You will compete against many online players in this epic 2D Shooter tank fight game and this will be a great chance for you to present your best skills to the whole world. When controlling your designated tank around the map, you have to aim then shoot down all enemies standing in your way as well as give them no chances to shoot you back. The amount of damage dished out by them will be much larger than the amount you deal, so you will have a higher chance of getting defeat easily. You should elude all of their strikes before it’s too late! In addition, don’t forget to bring some repairs into the fight then use them to fix your damaged tank. If you play with good strategies, you will be able to get close to the victory for sure. Let’s start it now! Have fun and good luck!

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