How to play: The arrow keys or WASD are utilized to control your zombie or human in the game. Use the mouse for turning or spinning, click LMB to use stuff or grab, click RMB to collect items, and press key G to release items.

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The fight between zombies and humans seem to never stop! Jump in game right now and see which character you can be, a zombie or an innocent human. In this Multiplayer Zombie games, there are two roles for you to play. When you spawn as a human, you will have a certain period of time to build up a strong shelter or go find some places to cover up yourself prior to the zombie outbreaks. Make sure that you have a strong protection that no zombies can even touch, and attempt to survive until the end of the battle. If you get tagged by a zombie, you will join the zombie team, and start to go tagging other humans. At the conclusion of the fight, the team that has more members left will win the battle. Try to use your strategies and skills, lead your team to the glory no matter who you are. Have fun with this iO game!

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