How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, press the spacebar to jump and use the left mouse to assault the enemies.

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About is the sequel to game where you will experience an awesome yet challenging battle between zombies and humans. You will become either a human or a zombie with two different objectives. As for a human, you have to find a lot of objects across the arena, use them to build safe shelters for yourself and you must stay inside the shelter if a zombie is coming. Do whatever it takes to stop the zombies from tagging you, or else you will be turned into a zombie. If you play as a zombie, you must go hunt down as many humans as possible, then quickly tag them, and they will join your team. Don’t forget to work with your teammates! Teamwork is a significant element that can lead your team to the final success. promises to be a funnier and much better installment than the first one. You should give it a shot now for more challenges! Good luck to you!

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