How to play: Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, LMB to shoot, E to pick guns or items, R to reload.

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About is an awesome crazy MMO survival game where you can play Free For All or Team. So, you and hundreds of other competitors will gather on the same battlefield to fight and dominate. To achieve the goal and become the winner, you must be the last standing man first. After you are sent to the deserted island, you are forced to defend yourself against all opponents. You will start with a pistol. However, you can find out many upgrades then. In the beginning, you should avoid stronger players and eliminate somebody to rank up. In, there are a lot of amazing weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and shotguns. Try to master how to use them! Aside from that, power-ups like health kits will allow you to restore your HP when you take damage. Not only that, you do not get close to the spreading poisonous gas area or you will die. Have fun!

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