Bullet Town

How to play: Use WASD keys to move around, Left mouse to shoot, Right mouse to collect or drop items

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About Bullet Town

Bullet Town

Bullet Town is a 2d shooting iO game. Fight against all of the enemies in the arena and rob enough $3000 to be the new Mayor. Before you achieve the goal, you need to defeat every opponent on the path.

Bullet Town leads you to a dangerous village in which you should play smartly. Note that it is a fierce multiplayer match that you will encounter a lot of online rivals at once. Meanwhile, the basic weapon is only a pistol. Keep calm and aim carefully before you fire! Otherwise, you can miss and become the target of somebody nearby. Like Delivery From Hell a popular shooter, you will have the chance to level up and unlock upgrades. They are stronger guns that allow you to eliminate the victim quickly. Besides, you can join fast rounds where you are able to perform your skills comfortably. Play the challenge unblocked and show your abilities right now!

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