How to play: Use the mouse to drag cards, place buildings, and interact with other objects. Or you can use the keys 1-8. Click the arrow to select your upgrades.

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In game, you have to employ your tactics and nice abilities to deal with the enemies as well as conquer all challenges. This is a tough Tower Defense RPG IO game opening a fierce battle between you and your opponent. You are given a small budget, so you must spend them wisely buying buildings, units, then deploy them carefully to fight off the attacks from the waves of enemies. Be sure to time your attacks well, causing the rival to have a tough time protecting his castle. Your buildings and units have stats which must be upgraded through over time so that they can release strong forces to wipe out your rival. Protect your buildings and your territory while you’re fighting. If you can’t handle the waves of the enemies, you may die very soon. The main objective of this IO game is to become the last survivor! Wish you luck!


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