How to play: Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the castle, LMB to charge and attack, Right mouse to speed up

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About is a free-for-all tower defense iO game where you will control a castle through clouds. Play the new battle online against multiple different enemies and dominate the top spot! They can be dragons, drakes or hostile players. You’d better defend your home from their attacks and destroy their base first.

Because the kingdom in unblocked is the sky, you should move carefully. The foes can hide and surprise you whenever. Like, there will be only one winner. While you are roaming and chasing the target, you do not ignore mana orbs. Collecting them will increase your XP and help you level up sooner. If you are successful in reaching another stage, you will be able to open more and stronger upgrades. The stuff unlocked will turn your small territory into a badass citadel quickly. Are you ready to discover the gameplay and test your strategy? Good luck!

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