How to play: Control the direction of your cell using the mouse, press key W to throw out mass, use the spacebar to divide your cells, key D to divide them twice, and key ESC to toggle the menu. 


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About Cellulus


Cellulus is one of the latest IO games inspired by Agario. It is situated in a microscopic world where you take on the role of a little cell fighting for the highest dominance. When you spawn in the map, you are just a small cell that is not strong enough for the fight. Therefore, you should attempt to grow in size by eating a lot of other smaller cells scattered across the arena. When your size is bigger, your ability will grow stronger as well, helping you squash your enemies more easily. Once you have destroyed foes, hover over them to quickly consume their essence, which helps develop the mass of your own. When you are at a good size, you will be able to throw your mass into an orbit of cells which defends you and can eat smaller cells. Do not touch the spikey green bacterium because they will split your cell. Can you rule the arena of Cellulus? Try it now!

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