How to play: Click and pop the red balls in the game by utilizing your mouse.

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About is another IO game challenging your reflexes and reaction speed. Feel free to play it now in your own browser to find out how excellent your skills are! When you spawn into the game arena, you will see there are several red balls spawning at random. Your main job is to click and pop them as fast as possible before they get bigger and break on their own. Your opponents will do the same mission too, so it’s a competition between you guys to find out who the fastest one is. If you let the red balls break, your game will come to an end instantly! Never let it happen if you want to play the game longer. The balls will turn up after a short period of time, so you must always prepare your skills and quickly get rid of them faster than your opponents do. See if you can climb the top of the leaderboard or not!

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