Connect 4 IO

How to play: Use the mouse to drop your items into their slots.

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About Connect 4 IO

Connect 4 IO

Connect 4 IO is a fun fascinating online multiplayer strategy game. Play for free and compete with your buddies or with other players from around the world. It is not easy to reach the goal although the rule sounds very simple. So, if you want to beat other opponents and become the winner, do not forget to master steps from dropping your tokens into the proper slot per turn to forming row including four objects having the same color before the rival. Indeed, you will be the first one who ends up the round if you can create such a successful line in the fastest time. While you are trying to surpass him, you need to take a look at the playing board to know more about the current movement of you and even the other. From careful observation, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. For example, you will not allow him to trick or block you too many times. Good luck!

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