How to play: Use the mouse to move, LMB to boost speed.

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About is a great classic MMO Agario style game where you will be able to play with different bumper cars. Pick out the cartoon character that you want, for example, Pikachu or Mario and more. Next, get in the selected vehicle and embark on crashing other opponents. Move around the cramped map your way and you are able to boost your speed after you wait for the fuel to regain. You should get coins because they will give you more scores or recover your health. When you accelerate, you can choose it to hit the rear of somebody’s means in order to cause damage to them. In, you must defend your back. Otherwise, you can be killed. Besides, try to make use of the resource as you will become very dangerous and strong when it is filled up! Additionally, remember to restore your stats at the proper time. Good luck!

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