How to play: Move with arrow keys or WASD. Shoot with the left mouse, place a wall with the right mouse. Use key E for actions, key Shift to run, key Enter to chat, spacebar to drop from the parachute

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crazynite-io is a kind of 2D Shooter Battle Royale game taking you to a massive battlefield where you must land on the ground using a parachute. Like other previous web-browser Battle Royale games, you and other players have to compete against each other for the ultimate survival. Knife is the only weapon you are equipped with, and it’s not strong enough to kill enemies. So, you must roam through the map in an attempt to search for more equipment and other stronger weapons. Then, you utilize them wisely to deal damage to the rivals while defending yourself from soaking damage from them. You should even gather more materials, like wood, then use them to construct defensive walls and structures to help defend yourself. Do whatever it takes to be the last man standing and turn yourself into the ultimate winner of the battle. Jump into the action now! Good luck!

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