How to play: Take control of your group and move it around the city using arrow keys.

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About Crowd


If playing Crowd City on your mobile devices is not addictive enough, why don’t you try its web-browser version called Crowd! The game shares the same gameplay, however, rather than playing with groups of people, now, you will take on the role of zombies. You will be dropped into a big city where zombies will attack humans. You take control of your zombie, navigate its way through the arena, hunt down as many humans as possible then slay all of them to make your crowd much bigger. The more kills you pick up, the larger the size your group will reach. You should not be hesitant to smash the opponent zombie teams. Make the most out of all the skills you have in order to defeat them before they have a chance to knock your group out of the city. Another thing you need to do is to make your team more and more popular in the whole city. Are you up for these challenges in Crowd Play it now!

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