How to play: Use keys WASD to move your character, press key 1 to use a sword, key 2 for throwing stones, key 3 to absorb food and key 4 to create block.

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About is a survival 2D Shooter IO game online putting you in an awesome world where all players have to fight against each other for their survival. When you first spawn, you need to create your strong base in order to defend yourself. There are going to numerous mobs that are so harmful to you. So, you should be an aggressive person trying to get rid of the mobs as much as possible. Also, you have to collect plenty of rocks then attempt to throw them at your opponents. Fighting with the rivals will decrease your health somewhat, so you must heal yourself through over time to make sure you can continue the fight. Pick up a lot of foods, eat them all for regaining the energy and don’t forget to defend your base! For a better gaming performance, all players are recommended to prepare their own tactics in advance! There is a chat function in the game, so use it to talk to your friends if you feel a need. Good luck!

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