Cursor Knights

How to play: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Move the cursor using the mouse. Click the left mouse to drink potions and purchase things, use key E to interact and key Enter to chat.

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About Cursor Knights

Cursor Knights

Cursor Knights is such a fantastic RPG Upgrades game to master! The game lets you make your way through a bunch of different areas in order to fight against various enemies. You have to utilize your cursor wisely to attack monsters with other opponents. Once you have killed one in an area, you will earn XP and Gold. Then, you use XP to reach further areas to conquer even tougher challenges while gold will be used for purchasing brand new cursors or potions, etc. The new items you have bought will help you on this journey as they can take up less mana to assault, dish out more damage to others, destroy all wicked giant snakes and so forth. But, make sure you spend your gold wisely on those items. You should only buy the ones that you feel a need to use. The objective in Cursor is to vanquish the entire arena! Let’s give it a shot now! Good luck to you!

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