How to play: Use the mouse to move through the mazes and work with your teams to solve all puzzles.

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About is such a great Multiplayer team-based iO game that puts you in a tricky and complex maze where teamwork can make everything successful. You will play as a cursor trying to move through a bunch of levels with the assistance of other players. The game goal is to move from the starting point to the ending point of a maze and attempt to solve the puzzles so you can open the exit gate that will bring you to the next level. As previously mentioned, teamwork is all that matters! All players should treat each other as good brothers, not real opponents if they want to complete the game. Try to work and help your friends, conquer the challenges, make a great teamwork then together, you guys will win! There is no ranking in this game, so try to play hard! Only team spirit is immortal! Are you ready? Check it out now!

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