How to play: Use the mouse to select tools, colors and fill the pixel blocks with your chosen colors to create your stuff.

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You will be able to fly high your creativity by jumping into an amazing IO-styled game called! The game is all about drawing objects by using pixels. It doesn’t consist of any harsh gameplay mechanics and there is no fierce battle between the players either. All you have to do is to use your given tools, like a paintbrush, a camera or navigation tool, or a color picker, then begin to draw anything you like. You can even choose your favorite colors, after that, you will fill the pixel blocks with your selected colors, and keep doing so until you complete your “work of art”. Your opponents may do the same task, and they will have a chance to destroy your works. So, make sure you protect what you are creating. Basically, is the game that allows you to create anything you want. Let’s give it a try now and see what you can generate! Good luck!

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