How to play: Control your character by using left or right arrow keys.

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About is another Slither-styled iO game online opening a vast arena filled with a lot of curves. You will steer a snake-like character to the left or right picking up a bunch of power-ups that are spreading around the map or other useful stuff. They will help you all in killing your enemies more easily and efficiently. Make sure you dodge running into your body, your trails, walls or other trails of opponents. Those things are extremely dangerous to you, and they can cause your game to be over. However, if you have a tactical play and you’re a little bit cunning, you can create your deadly trail behind to trap the opponents and make them run into it. They will die instantly, giving you a higher chance of survival. With the collected power-ups, you need to use them wisely to get an edge over the rivals. There is only one highest position for the best player, and it must be yours! Play this Multiplayer game now!

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