How to play: Use the mouse to control your snake, click to sprint, Space to reverse.

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Play free online the cool game inspired by Slither style and figure out the best strategy to become the longest and biggest snake ever! instead of competing with multiple enemies alone, you are able to experience the new adventure with your friends. After you embark on your story, you should remember that the rule that you can use during that period is to attack the weakest spots of the target. If you are successful in cutting or swallowing them from their behind or both sides or in front of them, you will gain much more aside from picking up colored food pieces strewn on the ground. When you enlarge, you can earn higher ranks easily. There are hundreds of predators on the path. To avoid them, you can hide inside your block or sprint to escape. You can dodge their hits by reverting your head and back positions. Have much fun!

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