How to play: Move your ship around in space using WASD. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Use key H to open the help menu, key Y to open the shop.

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Dark Nova – a team-based 2D shooter multiplayer game takes you to the huge cosmos where you will meet and battle against enemies. You can engage in either the red team or the blue team, and your mission is to protect or steal the gem. You start working with your fellow teammates during the course of the fight. Help them finish them all the enemy spaceships and protect them from being assaulted. You need to focus on killing the rival team because this is regarded as a path leading you to victory. With a lot of score kills you pick up, you will earn more money, then feel free to spend it on buying discrepant ships with modifications for the next round. The main objective you must obtain is to lead your team to the final glory. Are you ready for this? Come to give it a try now! Have fun with it!

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