How to play: Press WASD to move, Space to build, LMB to shoot.

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About is a 2D shooter game that you will play online against multiple adversaries. Fly around the battlefield with a small helicopter and build up as many closed lines as possible to mark your territory. Watch out! Do not overlap and crash into your own walls! Otherwise, your vehicle will explode and you will fail in an instant. While you are moving, you are able to shoot your weapon in order to eliminate the opponent’s territories and take over them. Turn their areas into yours and you can expand your kingdom. Try to roam cautiously and speedily! Additionally, attempt to defend your achievement. When you figure out appropriate tactics, do not forget to gain more spaces. When you level up, your attributes will be upgrades. There are various skills that you should When you reach stage 20, you will unlock one of the six superpowers. They will recharge in 30 seconds. Hope you enjoyed!

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