How to play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys for moving your tank. Aim and shoot down at enemies by using the mouse.

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About Diep.io


Diep.io is a well-known iO-styled Tank game online that lets you play with lots of aggressive opponents in the same arena. Just prepare yourself for this savage battle and see how long you can stay alive. You have a tank which is able to shoot bullets, so you must move it carefully around the arena trying to fire all enemies before you get doomed. Always leave your tank protected since the opponents will shoot you from various directions. Don’t get hit, or else you won’t last long. There are some stats that you have to improve in order to boost the strength of your tank, and they are health, ammo, turrets, reload speed, etc. Upgraded stats will make you unbeatable, giving you a higher chance to climb the leaderboard and take the dominance. Be sure to unlock all classes of tanks! Are you up for this? Feel free to give it a try now!

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