How to play: Use the mouse to aim, click it to shoot, and release missiles using the spacebar.

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Do you feel the need of fighting against new enemies in another epic battle? You have come to the right place because will satisfy all of your desires. In this 2D Shooter IO game, the whole battle is set in a danger zone where all players have to fight like real world-war-2 fighters. Each of you is armed with a machine gun, some missiles and iron to survive. Will you use all of them in a smart way to destroy your enemies? You have to because it will be not easy to take down opponents as they can get stronger through over time. If you don’t finish them off first, you will be the one ending up getting destroyed, causing the game to be over. You should watch out for your surroundings all the time. Defend yourself until you reach the top 1 on the leaderboard to become the ultimate winner of the match. will not be easy, but it promises to be very fun.

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