How to play: Control your dragon around the map using the mouse.

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About Drakes.io


Drakes.io is a free online game about giant dragons killing each other in a merciless battle set in a huge wild world. Get everything of yours ready for this battle in Drakes.io unblocked then see how long you can last. You spawn in the map in the shape of a small dragon that is able to breathe fire. Your size is very small for this first time, but if you put your effort into burning down more objects across on the ground, you can easily build more mass, making your dragon much larger through over time. While you destroy stuff, make sure to elude the fire from your enemy dragons as they can burn you down with their fire. It’s not good when you meet your doom because everything has to be restarted from scratch if you want to try the game one more time. Therefore, for your ultimate victory, try to fight against enemies with good tactics and defenses. Have fun!

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