How to play: Drift around the arena with the mouse, make a speed boost with LMB, and utilize your skill by using spacebar.

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About Driftin.io


Get ready to drift around a challenging track with numerous other players from around the globe in a fun iO game called Driftin.io. With all nine selectable types of character, like a bully, flash, hazard, racer, ambulamp, buster, sludger, piercer, and deprived, you can pick your preferred one before entering the playfield. Everybody has the main goal here, which is climbing the leaderboard. To do so, you are supposed to complete 20 laps first by all efforts and never let any enemies attack you. Drift around the track carefully, overcome all deadly impediments, avoid making any crashes or else you won’t be able to last long. Once you accomplish a lap, some of your stats that are including maximum HP, weapon damage, movement speed, HP regeneration, reload speed, will be greatly improved. Always stay watchful for the environments around, attempt to survive longer and work your way up the scoreboard. Enjoy this Multiplayer Racer game now!

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