How to play: Use WASD or Arrows to move, 1-0 to equip, LMB to control equipment, E to collect, Shift + 1-0 to drop, Enter to chat

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About Dungeonz.io


Dungeonz.io is a Free For All RPG. Immerse yourself into a classic game and compete against multiple rivals worldwide your way! In order to fend off the power from monsters living in the new open world, you are recommended to upgrade your stats and craft the best equipment as soon as possible. They will be the weapons or the gear to defend your life and attack the prey or somebody hostile. In Dungeonz.io, you should survive after matches with mummies and vampires when you travel through dungeons. You can come in with some friends and create a small party to win faster. In case you are killed, you will lose a respawn. But, you will gain more by searching for orbs. For the crafting system, you can activate it after you scavenge enough resources. Aside from that mechanic, stuff will be bought from NPC merchants. There are plenty of tasks to challenge your skills. Play and conquer the top spot now!

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