How to play: Use the mouse to move, left-click to attack, right-click to dash.

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About is a cool survival strategy game in which you have to defend yourself against a lot of aggressive opponents around the world! Try to survive and climb up to the highest spot to dominate the leaderboard as soon as possible! Firstly, you will roam carefully to pick up red orbs. Additionally, you can see some or many animals appearing along the way. You should chase and hunt them down for more food. At that moment, do not forget to run away from the enemy or everybody who is stronger than you. Otherwise, they will be able to kill you in an instant. The special dots that you consume will bring back to you a great chance to sep into another stage. In other words, you will level up once you qualify. Not only that, your old appearance will not exist anymore and you can upgrade your weapons easily. Remember to make use of water and stone! Good luck!

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