How to play: Direct your character with the mouse, shoot fireballs at the enemies using the left mouse button.

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In a nice 2D Shooter Agario Style game called, you become a deadly and aggressive star that is able to fire flames and hunt down a lot of opponents in a big gridded arena. You are undertaking a big mission which is to finish off everything in your way, so you must try your hardest to complete it for your ultimate triumph. During the course of the match, aside from killing the enemies, you must attempt to accumulate points as well. You can gather more points by eating many colored dots dispersed across the map, but it will be not much easy to do that as there are numerous dangerous players who are doing the same task just like you, which is to collect dots. You’d better defend yourself from them, and give them no chances to attack you! Once soaking damage, you will be instantly eliminated. Make sure you have your fast reflexes, good strategies as well as excellent skills ready for this challenge!

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