How to play: Use keys WASD or arrow keys to control the camera to have a better view, and use the left mouse button to interact with objects and place them around your base.

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About Flar.io


Flar.io is a fantastic Tower Defense IO game that requires you to develop your own smart strategies so that you can fight against your tough enemies that come from across the globe. You will begin the game with just a tiny base and a little bit money. Then, you have to gradually enlarge your base and provide it with a better defense so that you can survive longer. You can try adding quarries for farming rocks, placing a bunch of turrets around the base so that they can help you prevent the incoming attacks of your enemies. Keep enlarging your base and always leave it well protected. You can attempt to assault the bases of your opponents, take over their lands and never let them get an edge over you. The time length of the game is very long, so you must survive as long as possible to work your way up the leaderboard. Good luck!

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