How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar for jumping to your home planet.

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Do you think you can conquer all planets and grow your galaxy to the max? Jump into Fleats.io game right now to undertake a tough mission as well as compete against more enemies from across the world. This space game is all about taking over planets, and to do this, you must send out your ships from this planet to another one and attempt to deal damage to all enemies who are doing the same mission. They won’t be hesitant to dish out damage to you, especially when they have a chance to ambush you. Once they do, you may end up getting destroyed, causing your game to be over. The most useful tip for you here is to focus on bigger planets because they produce ships for you much faster, and if you stay focused on the middle of the map, it will be a key to win! Try the game now!

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